Monday, 6 October 2014

Government made a UFO Investigator believe investigative evidence was real

A great documentary about how the government in the U.S lied and deceived a local business man into believing in aliens craft in the skies over the U.S and working with the United states.

Beware of the facts in this video!  Richard Doddy is an ex agent and lives under U.S rules, the video has disinformation agents retired or not even the words they say in this documentary might still be false and lies, the local business man Paul might well have been telling the truth! Its now 2014 and the government still lets UFO conferences go ahead knowing there is ex-military ex-pilots ex-nuclear scientists on the conference panels labelled as witnesses to UFOs, their stories and their evidence is at hand, so are they too part of this multi-million dollar project on disinformation, have they even made it to swear under oath for real on front of the real Congress and prove the evidence at hand is fact? The disinformation is wide, the cover up at hiding info and the opposite the cover up to make people believe is still on going, take in mind! I believe the extraterrestrial visitation is in fact happening and I believe what Paul in this video did discover was everything they did not want him to find out, so they agreed with him it was real and it sent him to hospital with mental worries.

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