Saturday, 11 October 2014

NASA hide the most credible evidence yet of life on Mars from media

This pic from NASA Mars has to be the most amazing yet evidence to Do with intelligent life on Mars, the picture is so good it HAD to be kept from medium so the wider world have no clue This exists, only us the Searchers would NASA archive get the chance of seeing the mysterious picture. Cross shaped with a circle around it, This wort be found on any rock formation on earth yet This very small cross was found on the huge Mars surface, If this is 1 then find the likelyhood of Already finding more explosive evidence must be round the corner "OR" in the archives still to be found. Published on jet propulsion laboratory NASA'a the pic is one of many possible dead certs. So why did not half get hold of this? UNLESS NASA servers know what are searching and media servers can block the press from finding Such a pic.


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